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12303 E. Mississippi #145, Aurora, Colorado 80012 303.745.1637 The Story of Ba 1938 - 1949, Nguyen Van Phuong  “Where are we docked?” Nguyen Van Phuong asked a man shuffling along beside him in the group ascending the stairs.  “I heard them say Phnom Penh.”  “We have come into Cambodia?” Nguyen Van Phuong answered, surprised . . . Thinh Thi Luu  Thinh Thi Luu was taken by surprise to hear her boat was docked in Cambodia.  She had left the home of her mother and stepfather in the small village, Xa Nhien . . . “We are in Phnom Penh, they are saying,” she said to a woman next to her, as they stood and gathered their parcels. “Yes, do you have your papers?”  Luu nodded no and her soft, dark eyes widened a bit . . . “I know someone and we can buy you a new ID before we find the boarding house.  I stay at this place all the time and it is clean enough,” the seasoned traveler told her kindly.
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