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Happy Halloween everyone!

Visit us on October 28, 2014 and celebrate with us on the last day at our current location!

If you’ve been following us both here, and on Facebook and seen our signs, then you’re aware that we’re going to re-locate our restaurant to the new “Pacific Ocean Marketplace” on the corner of Mississippi and Peoria in Aurora at:

12303 East Mississippi #145

Aurora, Colorado

On October 29th we begin our move to our new location. Which means we’re closing the doors at our current location for the last time on October 28th. So, we’d like for all of our regular customers and our newer customers to come out and celebrate with us on our last day at our current location. It’s been a long run and we expect we’ll have an even longer run in our new home.

So, on October 28th come on out, visit and celebrate with us!!!

Welcome to Kim Ba Vietnamese Cuisine - We’re Still Here and Still Open!